July 06, 2017 – Philadelphia, PA – November 18, 2016 marked the release of a dynamic new series written and directed by independent filmmaker, Christina Faith. Single and Anxious (S&A) follows five African American, college students caught in a triangle of lies, love and crime. The cast of S&A is comprised of stunning fresh talent from Philadelphia, PA 

A new school spin on old school classic themes, S&A examines how millennials “do” relationships through a lens that is raw and edgy at times. Yet, a message of redemption is a consistent thread in the story line. Show creator, Christina Faith, elaborates on this more: “Single and Anxious is an honest representation of both the diversity and universality of the urban, African American experience. Growing up we all had a friend who dated the bad guy and made decisions they regretted. We’ve all been in love with someone who hasn’t given us the time of day. I want Single and Anxious to be the series people are telling their kids about in 20 years. I want our teenagers and young adults to grow up with college students who look, talk and wrestle with issues just like them.”

[About Single & Anxious]

Karissa, 20 and T, 23 have been together and inseparable since high school. Because of T’s age, they snuck around to avoid the wrath of Karissa’s father, the city’s District Attorney. But now that Karissa is “officially” grown, all bets are off. T, a wealthy “entrepreneur," has decided to foot the bill for Karissa to go to school despite her parents’ wishes. With only her best friend Amaya to confide in, Karissa is stuck between the life she thought she wanted with T and the family she shut out in order to be with him.

Besides Karissa, Amaya also hangs out with her nosey cousin Tasha who is a woman with absolutely no filter. Her brash honesty comes across as she flirts with Sebastian, a young man who’s in love with Amaya and is set on protecting her from Je’Kob, a career student who believes his swag and social media suave to be the single most reason why women flock to him. The worlds of these friends will come crashing down as love interests collide with their relationships with each other and their families. The question is, who will survive the fall out?

There is certainly no shortage of web content being produced today. However, the attention Christina Faith and Creative Thought Media have paid to both story and character development (viewers will love them and love to hate them) in S&A will set it apart from other shows. Additionally, audiences should prepare their web palate for season one as, in the tradition of Netflix and other streaming services, the episodes will be served all at once.

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